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Working with students to achieve their full potential.


College can be an incredible experience that opens doors and creates relationships that enrich and empower a life. It goes far beyond the academic elements found in the books and classrooms.


For the student entering the higher-education world for the first time, it can be full of new experiences, temptations and distractions. Making the right decisions to stay on track can be a daily task. That is why it is important to be prepared for unexpected distractions that can derail a student from their main objectives.


These possible detours are even more dangerous for students who have experienced behavioral health or addiction related issues. The temptations often pose more immediate threats that can trigger relapse into unhealthy situations. Many of which are life-threatening decisions that are not easily avoided when adequate support is not readily available.


Needs assessment:


Recovery Placement Services (RPS) helps families and students build the support networks they need to achieve a healthy and productive experience throughout their entire time at school. RPS starts this process with an in-depth needs assessment that helps define the areas that may pose to be high-risk parts of the day-to-day routine. We work with students and families to create long- and short-term goals that help keep that road to success as direct as possible.


Many of our students have started their journey to recovery as adolescents and have been through recovery-oriented programs, rehabilitation centers and even detention or hospitalization. We understand that these events are part of a journey and that they do not define the student or label them in any way. We all have made decisions that took us from our intended paths and it is through our own experience and our experiences within the world of recovery placement that we are able to lend guidance that has helped so many over the years.


Placement recommendations:


If the student is in need of formal placement in a program, we work closely with them to determine the type of help they truly need. We review past issues and help look into the future before we make any recommendations. We understand that some students need more guidance than others and that some need formal intervention on a regular basis. All placement recommendations take into consideration the individual needs of the student and their family. We look at the emotional, financial, situational, spiritual and physical needs and limitations before providing any recommendations.


Admission arrangements:


Once we have provided placement options, we often assist in the admission process. We help avoid problems or unforeseen expenses that can create unneeded stress when starting a new program. We also help to tell an accurate story to the provider so that they get a true picture of what treatments have worked in the past. This allows them to avoid repeating failed techniques and lets them focus on a more success-oriented treatment process.


Advocacy and case management:


Even after a recovery program has been completed, RPS is there to help move forward into the next phase of he student's life. Our trained and licensed professionals help coach and guide the student through each phase they experience during their academic journey. We advocate as needed and act as a personal case manager. We keep detailed notes to help track the progress throughout their time in school.


Progress Tracking:


Communication between providers, counselors, students and family can be greatly increased when RPS is part of the process. Because we are professionals in the field, we understand how things work and we also strive to help that process run smoothly. But it can't happen if clear lines of communication aren't open and used on a regular basis. Our progress tracking and constant contact throughout our relationship with the student builds trust that we're here when they need help. And that same dedication extends to the families and other partners within that recovery process.


Recovery Placement Services is in it for the long haul. We'll be there when things are going well to offer encouragement and we're there when things turn dark... We'll be there holding hope, picking up the fallen and getting them back to their full potential.


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