Qualifications and Experience


Patricia Adlerman, MSW, LCSW is the founder and CEO of Recovery Placement Services.


Patricia received her BA in sociology and communications from Tulane University and her MSW from Barry University and obtained post graduate training from the University of Beijing, China, Georgia State University, and University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital.


Patricia is a member of the following professional organizations:


• National Association of Social Workers

• National Association of Women Business Owners

• International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals

• Board member of the local chapters of Alzheimer's Association and Related Dementias

• American Cancer Society

• Certified Equine Therapist and ASPCA

• Patricia continues to maintain an active role in the community as a whole.


Patricia has been in the field of behavioral health care services for over two decades and is a licensed and board certified psychotherapist and social worker in both North Carolina and Florida.


Patricia is an insightful and caring clinician who provides:


• Individual Assessments

• Counseling

• Intervention Planning and Execution

• Referrals for Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs

• Business Development Consultation

• Clinical Support

• Program Development Consultation

• Clinical Supervision

• Lectures

• Legal Witness (cases involving abuse, trauma, addiction and child custody issues)

• Program Research and Treatment Evaluation


Patricia uses a holistic, integrated approach to healing addiction and behavioral health disorders including mental health, mood and thought disorders, eating disorders and trauma. She helps families navigate the process of getting their loved one into treatment and make informed decisions about treatment options.


Patricia's extensive training includes work with the following treatment providers:


• Pasadena Villa network of services

• Next Step Recovery

• Caron Treatment Centers

• Sierra Tucson

• Renfrew Centers

• Sober Living by the Sea Treatment Centers

• Onsite Workshops

• Betty Ford Center

• CRC Health group

• Promises Treatment Centers

• Casa Palmera Treatment Center

• Aspen Education Group

• Good Samaritan Medical Center

• Pavilion International

• Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami

• Canyon Ranch Spas

• Safety Harbor

• Bonaventure

• PGA Spas





"Patricia is able to identify the specific needs for an individual case and find the appropriate recommendations for a recovery plan. I can relax and know that I have a contact person for myself and my clients. She remains involved in all aspects of follow up until the case is concluded. I have known her to go beyond and remain in contact with the client, continuing to stay connected well after her job is officially completed."

Jayne Migdal, MSW, LCSW,Ph.d

Baltimore, MD


"The Caron Foundation believes that the first year of recovery is critical for long-term sobriety. Having the pro-active therapeutic involvement of a professional clinician like Patricia Adlerman and the Recovery Placement Services is an effective way to enhance the likelihood of recovery."

Doug Tieman


Caron Treatment Centers


"Patricia Adlerman MSW, LCSW, has been a professional colleague for over 15 years. She brings rare insight and sensitivity to the world of addictions. Ms. Adlerman has researched the addictions community thoroughly. She has had personal contact through site visits as well as gathering information from conferences and her network of professionals across the country. Recovery Placement Services is a tremendous support for clients and families alike."

Adrienne Ressler, M.A., C.S.W.

National Training Director

Renfrew Centers


"FINALLY... A service that will support me as well as an employee and their family members. Recovery Placement Services is providing timely assessments, appropriate placements and vigilant follow-up during the most significant time of the recovery process. I personally am extremely grateful for the important work RPS is doing."

Karen Ann Taylor, CASAC

Associate Director (Ret.)

Verizon-EAP Program

Verizon Wireless

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