Services and Guidance


Recovery Placement Services offers a variety of services in order to ensure the greatest likelihood of success for the client in choosing a treatment program or professional.


• Needs assessment

• Placement recommendation

• Admission arrangements

• Monitoring

• Coaching and guidance

• Advocacy and case management

• Progress tracking

• Family support



Needs assessment:


With licensure and board certification for over 2 decades the individual/family is clinically assessed though our own biopsychosocial assessment tool. We then review all pertinent records. We also include a family assessment if relevant to the care.


Placement recommendation:


We then make specific recommendations that include type of treatment, recommended length of stay, and family involvement.


Admissions arrangements:


We will set up the admissions process, and intervention or travel arrangements when necessary.




We will be involved in treatment planning for the client and family. We will speak with the clinical team weekly or more frequently depending on the case.


Coaching and guidance:


We will provide ongoing coaching to the family members to help them with their own recovery process.


Advocacy/Case Management:


An intensive clinical case management program, entitled Recovery Placement Advocacy (RPA), provides monitoring, tracking and management services for 6 – 12 months after discharge. Our team of professionals take the stress of post-treatment recovery away from the family, allowing them the time and energy to rebuild important familial relationships.


Progress tracking:


We provide tracking for clients and families for 1-3 years as situations change. We want to be ready to step in if the needs of the client change as well. We conduct evidenced based studies as to our outcomes.


Family support:


We work closely with families and individuals to help create trusting relationships that support lasting recovery. Our approach to achieve the best possible outcome is to keep the family informed of progress, milestones, pitfalls and treatment options. Constant communication and updates help keep individuals on track and families involved with the entire recovery process.


Clients that are case managed, coached and monitored report higher quality of recovery 1-3 years post treatment.


Recovery Placement Services accepts a limited number of cases each month, in order to provide the highest quality of client care. The client can choose the services desired from our menu.

We can place a client in treatment, if critical, within a 24 hour period.


For the Professional/Treatment Provider:


Recovery Placement Services provides Consulting Services for:


• Program development

• Assessment

• Supervision

• Staffing

• Evidenced-based research and clinical outcomes


Business Development:


• Marketing analysis

• Projections

• Staffing

• Presentations

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